August 30th, 2012

Signs Express gives thumbs up to Teletower!

Signs Express is the UK’s largest sign company with 75 franchised production centres across the country. Its flagship manufacturing centre, located in Norwich, has recently started using the ZARGES Teletower.

Paul Baldwin of Sign Express (Norwich) explains what it means for them, “Teletower offers a great platform when we’re wrapping Lorries and vans in vinyl. We need to reach the full height of these vehicles from the very top to the very bottom. Teletower with its 7 adjustable working heights does this brilliantly.”

Paul continues, “Many of our jobs take longer than a few minutes and require a great deal of concentration. The Teletower, with its large platform and guardrail, offers  our installers the protection that steps and ladders can’t offer; allowing them to focus 100% on the job.”

Paul says the Teletower also makes the right impression on their customers, “It’s important we look professional when going out on site. Health and safety is taken very seriously by everyone nowadays; so we need to make sure we are keeping up to date with the latest developments in legislation and best practice – the Teletower ticks all of these boxes.”

Further information on Signs Express can be found:

November 3rd, 2011

Teletowers big impact on Impact Signs

Colchester based sign company Impact Signs says the Teletower has been absolutely brilliant for their business.

“We had one site where we weren’t allowed to use ladders or cherry pickers; the Teletower with its platform and guardrail protection was signed off without a problem. It proved so successful we now use it on all our jobs and because it fits in the back of the van we’ve been able to save fuel by taking the roof rack off the top of the van!”

Simon Fern says he would recommend the Teletower to other sign company’s without any hesitation, “Teletower have proved a very useful tool for us as a business; it’s very quick to use and offers the safety benefits that we as a business; and many of our customers now expect”.


May 27th, 2011

Give me Teletower any day!

North Wales based painter and decorator Paul Potter invested in Teletower recently and now says it’s his pride and joy.

“What makes this such a handy tool it the fact that’s so small – when its flat on its wheels. I can get it in lifts easy, wheel in thru tight office interiors without causing chaos and I can get it to where I really need it quickly, whether that’s on the ground floor or the top of a block of flats.”

Paul tells us since he purchased the World’s first mobile scaffolding system it has changed the way he assesses business. “Now I can do jobs quicker, easier and at less cost to myself. It’s opened up new opportunities and helped make me a pound or two extra already. I class it as my purchase of the year!”


May 27th, 2011

Hynd Builders say they never leave home without Teletower

Manchester based builders Hynd act for City West Housing Trust and are busy helping the community based organization repair and improve over 1000 homes in and around the Manchester area.

Having ordered on of the very first Teletowers to arrive in the UK it came as some surprise when the company immediately ordered their second telescopic tower system.

David Hynd takes up the story. “It took us all of one day to realize we loved Teletower. Once we got the hang of erecting it, and its not difficult, we said right away let’s get another one. We have two fitting teams of 6 people and having Teletower in the back of the van is a massive benefit to us. I bet Teletower will pay for itself in months simply due to the time it takes to install and erect, let alone saying us costs for traditional scaffold.”


March 16th, 2011

ZARGES launches the World’s First Telescopic Mobile Scaffold Tower; winner of this year’s Innovation Award at the Executive Hire Show

The Teletower is one of the most exciting and innovative products to be developed for the access industry in years!

Its unique patented telescopic operation means it is easy to transport, store and erect; the Teletower offers an efficient and lower-cost alternative to other low level access platforms.

With seven different platform heights – from 0.33 to 2.00 metres – at 25 cm increments – the Teletower offers working heights from 2.30 to 4.00 metres. The flexibility of the design means the Teletower is ideal for a wide range of uses; from maintenance and decorating to gardening and DIY.

Fully erected by one person in less than 3 minutes, the Teletower will save time and effort, previously wasted in unloading and assembling traditional scaffold towers.

Stabiliser legs with 5 optional positions and lockable castors; as well as a large folding platform (1.40 x 0.70 metres) with a climb-through hatch; have been included in the design of this superb tower. Platform support braces and integral advanced guardrails offer high safety levels by reducing errors during the erection process. The Teletower comes with the reassurance of conforming to EN 1004.

Available in both aluminium and GRP – non-conductive for use near electrical hazards – the Teletower comprises two parts; the scaffold unit (41 kilos) and folding platform (14 kilos). The entire unit is easily carried in the back of an estate car or van.

The Teletower will offer Businesses a very safe and efficient option for working at height. For further information visit the ZARGES website and a see a video demonstration or call 01908 641118.