May 27th, 2011

Hynd Builders say they never leave home without Teletower

Manchester based builders Hynd act for City West Housing Trust and are busy helping the community based organization repair and improve over 1000 homes in and around the Manchester area.

Having ordered on of the very first Teletowers to arrive in the UK it came as some surprise when the company immediately ordered their second telescopic tower system.

David Hynd takes up the story. “It took us all of one day to realize we loved Teletower. Once we got the hang of erecting it, and its not difficult, we said right away let’s get another one. We have two fitting teams of 6 people and having Teletower in the back of the van is a massive benefit to us. I bet Teletower will pay for itself in months simply due to the time it takes to install and erect, let alone saying us costs for traditional scaffold.”


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